"La La" Vase

a Symbol of Modern Women 

Women have moved on from their traditional roles as wives, mothers and homemakers.
Having taken on more active participation in

a variety of significant functions, the present modern women’s contribution to humanity

and her encompassing influence have reached numerous milestones.

Today, the modern woman is a working mom, a corporate head, business tycoon, social issues advocate, politician and leader; hers is a strong and empowering voice, a presence that cannot be ignored.



Cheers to the



"La La" Vase Porcelain

"La La" Vase Porcelain

290,00 €Preis
"LaLa" Candle Holder Porcelain

"LaLa" Candle Holder Porcelain

79,00 €Preis

"LaLa"   Vase

Unique Piece

 in Magenta 550 €

"LaLa"   Vase

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